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Broads Authority recruitment of new Independent Person

The Localism Act 2011 and the various duties it places on local authorities, one of which is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct for its members and co-opted members. As well as adopting a Code of Conduct, the Broads Authority has to adopt arrangements for dealing with complaints of breaches of the Code of Conduct by its members. This must include provision for the appointment of at least one Independent Person, to be approved by the Authority’s 21 members.


The term for the current Independent Persons ends in July 2024 and the Authority, therefore, needs to recruit two Independent Persons, to be approved by the Broads Authority meeting on 10 May 2024.


Further details can be found in the attached advertisement and recruitment pack. 

BA Independent Persons
Download PDF • 5.09MB


It is worth noting that:


You cannot be appointed as an Independent Person if you are:

  1. a Broads Authority member, co-opted member or officer, or have been so at any time within 5 years prior to your prospective appointment; or

  2. a relative or close friend of a person in category (a) above.

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