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Filby Parish Council is served by 7 elected councillors.  Elections are held every four years, with the last being in May 2023.  Occasionally, a vacancy may arise during the term of office, and normally a new councillor will be co-opted to the Council.

We meet at least 6 times a year.  Our role in the community is to provide services and facilities for our residents and visitors. We also have a consultation role in respect of planning. We liaise with other statutory and voluntary bodies.

Village Hall in the snow

We have a Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer for the Council.  Everything the Council does is laid down in law.  It is the clerks role to ensure the Council acts within the law.

Filby Parish Councillors

Adrian Thompson - Chairman.   Laburnum Cottage, Main Road.  Tel 01493 369250.  Email

David Shaw - Vice Chairman.   Acorn Lodge, Thrigby Road.  Tel 01493 369533.  Email

John Baldry - Councillor.   The Conifers, Thrigby Road.  Tel 01493 369375.  Email

Louise Elms - Councillor.   2 Bridge Cottage, Main Road.  Tel 01493 368187.  Email

Lynette Hutchinson - Councillor.   Hylands, Main Road.  Email

Derek Nicker - Councillor.   Fair Oaks, Main Road.  Tel 01493 369145.  Email

Ian Richardson - Councillor.   Woodside, Thrigby Road.  Tel 01493 369403.  Email

Click here to view the Councillors' Register of Interests

Borough Councillor

Adrian Thompson.   Tel 01493 369250.  Email


County Councillor

Andy Grant.   Tel 07833 083903.  Email

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